The Holy Spirit can’t be a guest in our “house”

The Guest

I read this in “My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.

The Holy Spirit can’t be a guest in our “house”.

What a thought-provoking statement.

Sometimes I’m sad to say, I act like he’s a guest in my house as well.

There are days, I can go through most of the day treating the Holy Spirit like a stranger.

I realize a lot of people think the Holy Spirit is a “weird voice” kind of a thing.

It isn’t.

The Holy Spirit is the entity that Jesus provided for believers when he could no longer be in the world. The Holy Spirit is an equal to God and Jesus and is part of the Trinity but each have different roles. All three have been in existence since creation, serving different functions at different points.

The Intruder

Sometimes we even take it a step further and treat the Holy Spirit as an unwelcome intruder. We don’t want to hear Him because we know our lives aren’t what they should be..

We don’t want to hear that maybe we spoke too harshly because we were tired or cranky. (Me, this morning. 🙁 )

That “still, small voice” can sound pretty loud sometimes.

The Indweller

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is meant to be a constant indweller in our life. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would be better for us because he would reside within us and would always be available to us.

I wonder how often we really get that the mission of the Holy  Spirit, the fact that we have the “source” of all wisdom available to us all the time.

It’s similar to having the best friend we could ever have living inside our head and heart. A best friend that always has our best interest at heart. A best friend that gently nudges us when we’re headed in the wrong direction. A best friend that speaks the truth at all times. A best friend that is always compassionate, merciful and forgiving. But a best friend that will never leave us where we are.

We are ones that decide whether he is a guest, an intruder, or an indweller.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.