Spring cleaning involves more than just your house

The sun is shining today and I can see way too much dust.



But here’s the thing. I’m realizing that while I need to clean my house for sure, I need to clean my mental “house” as well.

My mind can get really cluttered. I like to do way too many things. I like anything that involves paint, pictures, furniture, tchotkes, vases, baskets….

I like anything involving paper, making cards, decorative items, drawing, painting.

I like knitting and crocheting.

I LOVE reading, about almost anything and everything.

I LOVE blogging. The research, the thinking, the planning.

I love browsing thrift stores and thinking about all the possibilities. I absolutely love garage sales. So many ideas crowd my little mind.

But I love spending time with family and friends even more.

How to narrow it all down?

I’m a firm believer that in order to begin anew one has to make space. We have to get rid of some activities, in order to make room for others.

We simply can’t do it all. Maybe, I should say, “I can’t it all”. And I don’t want to. Not anymore.

So what I am doing is seriously considering what activities I really enjoy. As you now know, there are many that call to me everyday. But I have to decide.

My criteria :

Which activities use my spiritual gifts the most?

Which ones could influence the spiritual growth for others?

We can certainly enjoy all parts of our lives. We should. In fact, I believe one of the ways we show God our gratitude for His gifts, is to live and love our lives to the fullest.

We can schedule time to do all the things we like to do. We don’t have to give up anything. We just have to decide what and when something goes on the back burner and when we can move it up to the front burner.

This is what God is laying on my heart right now and I’m sharing it because I’m hoping it will strike a responsive chord with someone else.

I guess this post is about “thinking” while you are “cleaning”. When you move your stuff around, when you put it in storage bins, ask yourself, “Why?”

Why am I constantly moving this around? Why am I storing this? Am I even interested in what I am storing? If you don’t have a clear answer, I say get rid of it.

I think that sometimes questions are more important than answers. In fact, I think questions become the answer.

And can I just add? Pinterest is no help. I mean we can just lose our way through the its maze. So many beautiful homes. So many possibilities.

I wonder sometimes if the world was a better, more manageable place before Pinterest, before social media. Were we better able to make decisions and maintain clarity or does it help? I don’t know.

So today, as you continue to wade through spring cleaning (guys do it, too, you know), think about your thinking as well. Sounds funny, huh?

“Cluttered” minds are much worse than a cluttered life.

God bless and have a good day.

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