how to make some inexpensive beautiful mirrors

I’ve recently become obsessed with making mirrors. Here are two them.

All supplies were from The Dollar Tree. This first mirror frame is quite light so the beads actually help weight it down a little and hang better. I didn’t actually “make” this mirror, just embellished it.

This first project took all of about twenty minutes. It adds some bling to “teeny tiny red cabin.”  The pictures were taken with my cell so not the best.

This was just a rectangle plain mirror with a thin edge that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I decided it needed some embellishment.



This next mirror is made from a DT round silver tray with flat glass marbles added to it.

It’s hard to tell from this picture but I’m working from the wrong side of the tray.


One silver tray, two bags of glass beads, glue. That’s it.

Originally, I used a glue gun. But when the weather turns cold, even with the heat on, the beads can pop off. So now I use a Silicone waterproof caulk from Home Deport.

You will find that all the beads are not the same size. This is good because it is hard to end up at the end of a line of beads and not have a gap. This is where a smaller bead is good to have on hand. So pick out some of these ahead of time and put them aside for “fillers.”

This is also why it’s good to use the Silicone caulk because it remains workable for a long time.



It takes about an hour from start to finish but then the beads needs to harden overnight before it can be turned over to glue on the tab. I used a soda can tab for the hanger but this I glued with my hot glue gun. It has been on my wall for a long time with no problem even though they are heavy.

I have given these as gifts a lot and they all looks different. Everyone has really like them.

Here is the finished project. The pictures arent’ good because at this point I knew nothing about taking pictures for a blog.


I have given these as gifts a lot and they all looks different. Everyone has really liked them.

Give it a try. There are all kinds of patterns you can create.

God bless and have a good day.