painted mason jars

Self-discovery at the Toyota dealer.

I’ve decided I”m a strange woman.

Toyota dealer
thinking about life at the Toyota dealer

My husband says I keep his life interesting.

It’s not that I’m not “girly” and all but I just hate doing some typical “girly” things, like getting my hair done. Actually it’s been years and years since I did that. I only go the occasional hair-cut and I resent that every bit as much.

I’ve had a “pedi” once but never a manicure. I’d send you pictures of my hands and feet so you’d understand why but it would probably make you squeamish.:)

funny sign
funny sign

And I don’t really like the mall.

I know. I know.

What’s wrong with me?

Actually, I know.

I don’t like giving over the reigns of my time to anyone. And if it means I have to sit still, it’s even worse.

I’m not really embarrassed that I feel this way, though. It’s who I am. It’s who I’ve always been.

I’d rather be the way I am and participate in life rather than just sitting and watching life evolve around me.

So while I was sitting and waiting for my car to be serviced, my mind was just a whirlin’ and my fingers moving.

My message is nothing new. It’s been said a thousand ways but I’ll say it again because it always bears repeating. You never know when someone needs to hear it right at this moment.

If  you’re not the “typical” woman or man, if you don’t fit the mold, don’t worry about it.

Figure out for yourself who you are, what you enjoy, and how you function best. We need to know ourselves well enough to be comfortable in our uniqueness.

Some of these other things are just the things we have to do so we can get to the things we really want to do.

For me it’s anything that involves spray paint. This display is just beautiful. Be still my heart.

beautiful cans of spray paint
                                         beautiful cans of spray paint
painted mason jars
                                       painted mason jars

God bless and I hope you had a good day.