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How to “do” Bible Study.It’s not hard.

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Bible study isn’t hard if you have a plan.

A Bible study slideshow is a first for me. It’s not an actual Bible study, as it is more of a general approach. I worked on a number of slide shows last week. Some of them I was able to finish and publish to my digital resource library. I can’t believe all I’ve learned.

photo of man reading the Bible/Bible study

Anyway, I hope you like this, and if you want more ideas for Bible study in a more traditional form, go to my Digital Resources Library for various plans.

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Studying the Bible

I love studying the Bible; I always have. So, of course, I love creating posts and outlines about it, which is why I created this first slide show.

Whatever Bible study works for you.

Many of the outlines I have in my digital resource library overlap each other. Really, all Bible study methods do. But just like two artists can paint the same sunflower, and they look different, it’s all about the nuances. That’s why I created a number of different Bible study outlines and tips.

Lots of formats available

Some people will respond to one design more than another, but they both accomplish the same thing. Even the font and the color make a difference. You would be surprised how we are influenced by the subtlest of things.

You should pick the method that works best for you. Some people like to journal or take copious notes. Others like something more streamlined. As long as you do it, any approach is good.

If you are new to Bible study as opposed to Bible reading, you might want to start with the gospels first and go from there. Or even the Psalms are great beginning. God will meet you wherever you begin.

Anyway, I hope you liked my first slideshow, and be sure to check out the other resources. The Password is always in the newsletter.

Blessing to all of you.

Hoping this all worked for you.

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