close up view of acorns on the ground

Acorns keep falling on my head

We’re at “Teeney Tiny Red Cabin” today.

Hubby is laid up due to a “bike ride gone sour” ( post by that name about two weeks ago if you want to read details).

So I’m cleaning up the yard. Must’ve been a bad storm as the lawn was covered with branches, twigs, etc.

Have you ever raked with acorns falling in your head? No, I’m not talking about an occasional acorn falling from the trees. I’m talking about a constant falling down. Our yard is covered with them.

So what’s the big deal, you ask?

They hurt! That’s what.

You’d be surprised.

I worked really fast and had to come in before I suffered serious injury. 🙁

All kidding aside, they really do hurt. Our trees are very tall so the acorns fall from quite a distance.

But any time we’re at the cabin is a good time, even with acorns falling on my head.

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