begrudgingly doing the right thing

As you know, I’ve been at the cabin for a few days. My husband and I drove separately so that I could come home earlier. Someone at home needed me to be around on a particular day.It was the right thing to do.

But, still, I’m glad when I do the right thing. Makes me feel like a superhero.

doing the right thing3

I just wish I always felt like doing the right thing. Sometimes I get conflicted because I don’t know what the right thing is. And even when I do, I don’t always feel like doing it. Especially if it’s the last-minute or involves a change in my plans. And of course, there’s that quandary of whether it’s really the right thing to do or do I just have an overdeveloped conscious? (Which I do.) Or whose definition of the “right thing” do I follow? Mine or someone else’s?

But most especially I hate it when I know that doing the right thing isn’t going to result in anything good. (I’m being honest here.) In fact it could be that I might even get some reproof. Yet in the end, I’m always glad when I do what I know I should,(remember I hate the word “should”) whether I want to or not.

Is there anyone out there as conflicted as I am about not always wanting to do the right thing? I mean is it just me? Do other people kick and scream when there is a choice between doing the right and not doing it?

But I’ve grown enough in my faith to know that for me to avoid doing the right thing never works out for my best anyway. My conscience has grown very tender over the years. No matter how much I may begrudgingly do the right thing, I know I will feel even worse if I don’t.

doing the right thing
doing the right thing

So today I did the right thing. There were no rewards. No thank-you. Only my awareness that I pleased God. For me, that’s enough. After all, everything we do, good or bad, reflects on God.

There is a saying I remind myself of often. I tried to find its source but Mr.Google didn’t know. It’s just another way of saying ,”do the right thing’.

“Do as much good  as you can,

to as many people as you can ,

for as long as you can,

in any way that you can.”

Is there anyone you need to do the right thing by today? No matter how inconvenient, no matter how little you might be rewarded?

It’s always a good thing to do the right thing.

doing the right thing
doing the right thing

God bless and I hope you have a good day. (I write this at the end of every post but I want you to know it’s said in all sincerity.)



8 thoughts on “begrudgingly doing the right thing”

  1. “Do other people kick and scream when there is a choice between doing the right and not doing it?”
    The big stuff yes. But the small stuff even more sometimes. The small stuff where no one will even notice that anything was done at all – right or wrong.
    Love your quote. The one I keep in mind is “mind your head, a work in progress approaching” 🙂

    1. Didn’t think about making a distinction between big and small stuff. But you’re right. Small stuff, maybe even more so. I like your quote very much. Will remember it. Thanks for commenting.

  2. It is a very normal thing for all of us not always wanting to do the right thing. Paul talked about it in Romans 7 saying I do the things I don’t want and don’t do the thing I should. Very normal, that’s why God instilled a conscience within us and provided a Savior because we aren’t perfect. Have a great day Rebecca.

    1. Thanks Levi. Can you tell I’m often too hard on myself? Can you guess what I’m doing
      now? The right thing again. But not resenting it too much today. God bless.

      1. You are too hard on yourself and I’m glad you’re doing the right thing now without resentment. Thats icing on the cake. Have a great rest of your day!!!

    1. Of course I don’t mind a link. Will check it out when I get home. Am busy doing the “right thing” again. 🙂 God bless.

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