Cabana on the beach

Gee, I hate to rub it in buy here I go anyway.

We are having a great time, but think hubby little embarrassed that it took us about an hour to put up my darling new beach cabana. (BTY, $24.00-Walmart). It didn’t help that people were watching us. We got ‘er up tho’ and sitting under its shade reading a fluff novel and loving it.

I was really worried how my mom would do but so far so good.

Love looking for shells. We have a “secret” beach someone told us about a few years ago where we find really big shells.

Sometimes (no, lots of time), I feel do guilt when u get to do these things. But then I think I might insult God if I don’t enjoy this life. Besides, it’s not as if we haven’t had our share of struggles. So for now I’m going to enjoy what’s in front of me.

Here’s some more pics. These are from qmy cell phone so please excuse the lack of editing.