Grilled veggies. Oh, my!

I don’t usually post any of my cooking experiments but this turned out so good, I just had to.

I cooked on the grill tonight and it was all veggies. I coated the pan with oil and grilled the mushrooms first. Then grape tomatoes and finally some cauliflower (already partially “nuked”). Put them all in same dish.

Pretty, huh?

i should tell you though that this meal was cooked in a pan on the grill. Does that still count as grilled? I mean it was outside. 🙂



Then the best part-the summer squash. First I sliced it and put it in a bag and sprinkled in enough flour to coat each piece. I also added salt and pepper. I used the same pan I used before and added more oil. I fried it very quickly till it was dark brown and crispy. Yum!

This is one of our favorite summer vegetable and the favorite way to prepare it.

With the same pan, I quickly browned some garlic toast, an easy peasy healthy meal.

And have you figured out how many pans I had to wash?







2 thoughts on “Grilled veggies. Oh, my!”

    1. Thanks. It was colorful, wasn’t it? I think that’s why it tasted so good. Thanks and try and enjoy the Fourth of July. God bless.

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