How to avoid a recurrence of depression

A recurrence of depression is a common fear in those who have experienced an episode. I’m currently reading an interesting book about depression and the overwhelming research about the misuse of antidepressants. The research is becoming clearer all the time:

Antidepressants only somewhat effective

Antidepressants are not as effective as the drug companies have reported, (only about thirty percent success rate).

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Thank about that last statement.

Exercise can prevent future episodes

More and more research supports that exercise accomplishes the same thing as antidepressants and that we should view depression as a symptom of something in our life we need to discuss, not obliterate with medication. I will state here what I’ve stated often, and what this book reiterates.

There has never been research that supports that lack of serotonin causes depression. Not one. Not ever. That serotonin is depleted during depression is but as to which comes first, there is no conclusive evidence. Click To Tweet

In fact, some studies suggest that excess serotonin is released during a depressive episode which is what causes the depression. This book I’m reading, “A Mind of Your Own” by Kelly Brogan, M.D., flew off the shelves last year. While I had already read much the same information from other books, this author also explores the connection between our gut health and inflammation both of which are getting a lot of attention from many other resources.

Looking at the food we eat to avoid recurrence

And here’s something else you need to know. First of all a confession. I’ve never been into the gluten-free diet or the natural products phenomena. But a recent report from the FDA saying they are banning antibacterial ingredients from soaps has brought me on board. They’re being banned because the anti-bacterial ingredient can be absorbed into our skin and affect our hormones just like the hormones in our chicken, milk, etc. Men and women both are affected by this but women to a larger degree.

So I am becoming a believer. Not the crazy kind but the kind that says this whole subject of going more “natural” is worth considering.

Why doctors are ill-informed

In case you are wondering why you didn’t know about the overwhelming research about antidepressants and depression, here’s why. We learn much of this from our doctor’s. But even they don’t know all the research. How can they? Doctors cannot be expected to keep up with the research on every drug on the market. So where does your doctor get their information?

Yep, a pharmaceutical rep. And where does that pharmaceutical “rep” get their information? From the pharmaceutical company, who is concerned about what? Their profits first of all. 

I don’t mean to demonize these pharmaceutical companies. Where would we be without their research? All I’m saying is like any private corporation, they wouldn’t exist without profits.

People want quick results

Most people would prefer to take a pill rather tan take the necessary steps to avoid a recurrence. Most people prefer a quick fix. They demand their quick fix from their doctor and want their depression gone today. They want their pain gone. I understand that completely. Been there, done that. But as with most things in life, anything worth doing usually requires effort on our part.

Remember, your health is YOUR concern.

God bless and have a good day.

More about depression in the days ahead.

God bless and I hope you have a good day