lamp makeover

Here’s a lamp I’ve been working on. I don’t have before pictures but it was a dull brown. I painted it red first. Then white. You can see some of the red coming through. Than I “washed” it with a walnut stain.


lamp makeover
lamp makeover

I sanded off some of the paint to expose the red paint underneath.4-IMG_6649 5-IMG_6650

The leather shoes are a pair of children’s leather shoes. They are very old.




4 thoughts on “lamp makeover”

  1. Of course you can. Get an old lamp and just start messing around with paint. It will all fall into place. I never have a plan Just follow my gut instincts.

  2. Thanks. I wasn’t going for that but when the paint didn’t cover one area, I thought, “I love that” and the rest is history. In fact it’s my favorite look all the way around. Have a blessed day.

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