Ancient of Days

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ANCIENT OF DAYS (Daniel 7:9)

“As I looked, “thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took seat”.

Only the prophet Daniel referred to God with this name.  If you get a chance and you want to read a fascinating book, read the book of Daniel and you will understand why Daniel called God by this name. It’s a prophetic book and not the easiest to understand. It will require some work and extra study from other sources.

When I was asked to teach a Bible class from this book, I initially said no because I was woefully ignorant of the book of Daniel. But I did. If I haven’t told you the story of how my study of Daniel saved my husband’s life I promise to do so soon. You will either believe it or you won’t. Doesn’t matter. I was there and I know that it was because of how I prayed that night, (for which I give God the credit because he’s the one who prompted me to teach the class) that he was rescued. It was a quite an experience.

The Ancient of Days has great symbolism for me because of that night. Knowing that God is ancient reminds me that he’s been around a lot longer than me. In other words, God’s a lot older! That is comforting.

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