It’s so-o-o-o outdated.

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I have a problem. What’s the deal with theses DIY shows? One of the first things perspective buyers mention is the “popcorn” ceiling.  “Ew (correct spelling, I checked), we have to get rid of these popcorn ceilings.  They’re so–o-o-o-o-o dated.” My husband and I are getting so-o-o-o-o-o tired of hearing this.

First of all, what’s so bad about popcorn ceilings? It’s a ceiling, for crying out loud. For some of these “spoiled couples”, it’s a deal breaker.  Or it’s “Ew,  we don’t like the wall colors.”  What? They’ve never heard of pant?

You know where all this “oudated” talk starts, don’t you? It starts with the manufacturers of these products wanting you upgrade so you’ll have to buy their new line. It begins with interior designers who wouldn’t have a job if we weren’t always wanting the latest. It’s not really their fault. They’re just responding to our demands.  Hey, I’ve fallen into the same trap myself.  I’m still using white appliances and driving an eighteen year old car so maybe I’m the last person who should be commenting.  (No, actually that makes me the right person, doesn’t it?)

I’m really getting tired of some of these couples who can’t see beyond their nose.  And the interesting thing? They end up remodeling, spending more than they budgeted, and it never dawns on them that what they’re doing is also going to be “outdated” with the advent of the next new trend, which in our fast cycling world is going to much sooner than they thought.

Obviously, there are times we do need to upgrade. I’ve certainly done enough of it myself. That’s not my point. My point is that so many young couples seem to think they should start where their parent’s are now. They have the imagination of a gnat and the energy of a sloth.

Anyway, that’s my melt-down moment for today. I’m sticking with my two  popcorn ceilings.  For some strange reason I seldom look at my ceilings. I don’t walk on them, entertain on them, eat off them or give them much thought one way or another.

(I can hear the remarks of the decorators now.  Ew!!!!!)

4 thoughts on “It’s so-o-o-o outdated.”

  1. My wife wants to “upgrade” our popcorn ceilings because they are getting dirty from air-conditioning vents and cracked in some places. I think one upgrade in twenty-five years is acceptable. And maybe there is something corny about popcorn ceilings. A “sleek ceiling” might be a refreshing change.

    1. David,

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I’ve been at our cabin and never even took my computer out of it’s bag! Felt good. Anyway, loved your comment. Yea, I think one update in twenty-five years is ok.

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