What preparing for bad weather has to do with depression.

(I wrote this last week and apparently forgot to post it. But we’re supposed to get more snow, so it still works. 🙂  )

He went out, not knowing where he was going. Hebrews 11:8

As I write today, our weather is a blizzard. The actual temps are at zero, and the windchill is about minus twenty.

Now, that is cold.

The local news reports suggested everyone leave their water dripping overnight to prevent water lines from freezing. We were way ahead of them.

Because our home was built around 1906  (could be older), we have to do things a little more aggressively when weather like this hits.

I rolled up fabric and put it on each window ledge. But mostly we worked in the basement, completely covering the windows with carpet tiles. We couldn’t believe the difference. And here’s the point:

We wanted to wake up this morning and look forward to a good day. We didn’t want to have to deal with broken water lines. We took the steps necessary to ensure our success.

When I walked down to the basement this morning, I couldn’t believe how warm it was. I was encouraged and I felt really good about how proactive we’d been.

Depression is one of those illnesses where preparedness is the key. You need to do those things today that will make you feel better tomorrow and will give you a sense that you are, in fact, on the road to recovery.

And one of those steps is belief. You have to believe you will get better. So today, I suggest you say it to yourselves every hour and out loud, “I believe I’m going to get better. I believe God is with me on this journey.”

Also, write it out and put it everywhere you think it will. Help.

Because you ARE going to get better. Depression is self-limiting. Did you know that? Eventually, it can go away all on its own but that’s rarely the case because we mess it up and make it worse. And besides, who wants to wait that long.

Don’t mess it up today. Keep repeating some version of, “I believe I am going to get better. God is with me on this journey.” Be like Abraham and trust God even if you aren’t sure where you are going. 

Believe it or not, just saying this today sets you up for success tomorrow.

God bless you and I AM praying for you.

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