the week in review and free speech is for EVERYONE

This has been an interesting week. Mostly because of politics.

I have such a hard time understanding why free speech is only for some people.  I thought it was for everyone. I’m referring to the organized protest to stop the Trump rally in Chicago.

It doesn’t matter to me whose rally it was. No one has the right to stop people from attending a rally to hear someone speak. At the same time, words are important and when any political candidate uses incendiary speech, they must realize there will be repercussions. But words never ever justify violence. Period.

Anyway, I began the week with a post about what to do with life gets “messy”.

angry cat

Wednesday I began a series, at least it was supposed to be a series, about humility. So here’s the thing. My main computer is down and the one I’m using now is having some problems. Two posts didn’t get posted even though I thought I had scheduled them. I think what is happening is that this computer is slowing down as well and when I hit “schedule” it’s taking too long and I’ve logged out before the process actually completed.


So I will continue the series next week.

Friday I posted a great little piece of information I ran across. That quick. simple little post got lots of hits. Go figure.


Anyway our weather is going to be beautiful here in Michigan and I’m putting my back issues to the test as I plan on working in my garden. I did a bit yesterday and am fine today so I’m getting hopeful that after four years of limping, foot and leg surgeries, and wearing braces, I’m on the mend.

Finally, can I just ask all of you who believe in prayer to pray for God to bless our presidential candidates whomever they end up being. Whether they are followers of Christ or not, I believe God can intervene in their lives because of our prayers.

God bless and I hope you have a good day