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How to “collage” a tree.

I started this tree picture years ago and only recently got it framed and on the wall. It’s a conglomeration of techniques and media. 
The rough white background is drywall mud. I used that to create texture for the background. Who says you need to purchase art texturing compound when an everyday item will do as well?
The tree itself is bits and pieces of white paper that I had previously painted. I gathered a lot of plain white paper and just went nuts with cheap acyclic craft paint, spattering it, dabbing it, whatever struck my fancy at the time. Now I have a large stash of these papers for more collages.
The quotes you see are decoupaged onto the paint and then rubbed over to make them look aged. I found them in magazines and books and instead of cutting them out, I more or less tore them so they would have deckled edges.I would love to tell you the actual process I followed except there wasn’t one. I was just playing around and this is what happened.
original art 



Here are some close-ups.



I love collage because there is such freedom. I like the cutting and pasting part. It feels very creative and not as confining as paint alone.

Give it a try.

God bless and have a good day.

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