garage sale find

It’s Monday so here’s my garage sale finds

Now you may be wondering why I’ve been buying mostly clothes at garage sales.

Well, first of all, that’s what is usually the cheapest and they are always in abundance.

Secondly, I need to change out my wardrobe a little. You know I’ve been walking and exercising a lot so that means some of my clothes don’t fit anymore. YEA!!!!


Finally, I just haven’t found a lot of anything else lately.

So here’s the first little number.

This is an adorable blouse, will look great with cami and jeans, don’t you think?

garage sale find

One dollar.

Then there’s this little ruffled number which I never would even consider as a rule but it was fifty cents and my friend who is very tailored in her style of dress talked me into it. But I really like it. Again, great with jeans.


Fifty cents.

Then there’s this little white knit top that I will wear with just about everything. Fifty cents.


And finally, a striped sweater. I have a thing about stripes.


Fifty cents.

Grand total: $2.50

What will I do on Mondays when I don’t have any more garage sales to shop on the week-ends? Oh, I know, my Goodwill “finds”.

God bless and have a good day.