cute handmade Valentine

Cute handmade Valentines crafts to make for Sunday

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Here are some cute handmade Valentines you still have time to make before Sunday. I wanted to make a bunch more for a garland but simply don’t have the time. I’ve been busy writing like crazy this week on my book. But in the evenings I just have to wind down. With Valentines Day coming up I decided to craft in the evenings.

How to make these handmade Valentines

The first ten pictures are valentines I made from felt and cotton batting. I think they’re fairly self-explanatory. I hand stitched them.

They turned out really cute. Here’s a more elaborate ONE.

The final ten hearts are made from scrapbook paper and also stitched by hand. They are also stuffed a little with poly-fill. If you look closely, you will see I let some of the polyfill peek out.

I had the driftwood piece and already had the eye hooks in place for another project that I never finished. The red string I just found at Dollar Tree. Guess how much it costs? (wink-wink)

I used a frame I had laying around and lined the back of the frame with the striped fabric and hung the hearts from there. After Valentines’ I will use the frame to make notes on.

The felt ones I sent to my daughter and she loved them. She’s sending some to her children’s’ teachers.

Have you thought about what you can do to celebrate this Covid Valentine’s Day?

Why not take some time and whip up a few of these cute little Valentines? Each one only took about ten minutes. And, of course, if you sew them on a sewing machine, it will take even less time. I mean this is going to be a pretty unusual Valentines day. I just had to make it special it some way.

Extremely quick centerpiece

Made this quick little centerpiece for the table.

mason jar holding red flowers with a  cute little red valentine hanging on the outside
cute handmade Valentine

This is a mason jar, duh, filled with flannel fabric I had laying around. Not too excited but I just needed to celebrate Valentines’ Day in some way.

Let’s face it, this is going to be an unusual Valentine’s day but we can try and make it special. It’s all about love anyway, isn’t it? And we can all find ways to show our love this years, especially this year.

God bless and have a great day.

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