Cutest pumpkins for a dollar.

I love making pumpkins from the DT styrofoam forms. You know which ones.

Dollar tree has them again this year. Won’t bother with a tutorial because they are all over Pinterest. But here’s quick one just in case you don’t use Pinterest.

Take an 18” piece of fabric (round is probably easier than square but I just cut off as I’m covering.) The quilting quarters you can buy at JoAnn’s work great, just cut the longer end to 18″.

I just pull up the fabric and use scissors to punch into them pumpkins minus the original stem which I remove. I go all around and just keep pulling up the fabric and use the sharp end of scissors to punch the fabric down in the middle. Keep using the same hole and don’t make it wider. Thinner fabric easiest.

Then I use whatever for a stem And place right in the same place and then decorate. I like to use driftwood pieces. Twigs works great as well.

I must have made fifty of these last year as gifts. making more this year for whomever.

But the ones I made this year are super cute. Love these two fabrics together.

Hope you try some.

Have a great one and God bless.