Today is special.

Today is National Down Syndrome Day.

My grandson has Down syndrome. When I think of all the children who are aborted because of this syndrome my heart aches. I know what a blessing these mothers have missed.

Yes, it’s hard at times. Never because of him but because of mean-spirited people.

Where would this world be if everyone were perfect? How would we learn compassion if not challenged?

Today his third grade class is all wearing “crazy socks” (you can google John’s Crazy Socks if you don’t know about it) in honor of him.

He is mainstreamed right now and his school is a better school because he is there. He is loved by everyone and his smile brightens everyone’s day.

So to my little “Lukey”, thank you for who you are. You have made me a better “nana” and a better person.

When I can’t do something, I remind myself that you struggle every day to do your best.

When I feel “down”, I only have to imagine your smile and my day brightens. You are always thrilled to see me and give me the biggest hug.

You are my special “little man” and I will always be grateful your mother (my daughter) made the right choice. There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation when she learned you might be born with an impairment of some kind.

Somehow your disabilities seem insignificant when compared to my own.

Remember, we are all disabled in some way or another. We all have limitations. In some ways, my “Lukey” has it all over most people.

He loves unconditionally.

God bless.