Why you haven’t heard from me.

All is well. We are in the not-so-sunny south.


But sometimes it’s just good to get away. It is for me for sure. It’s actually kind of weird but when I’m away from home, I just seem to get clarity about so many things.

When I’m away, I can make some decisions I’ve been putting off and believe it or not, I usually follow through.

Why is that, do you suppose? Are you like me in that regards or am I really just that strange?

Even at home, if I go elsewhere to blog, I just seem to have more clarity. I think it’s me and coffee shops or coffee shop/bookstores that just put me in the right frame of mind. And, of course, I’m not thinking about all the things I should do doing. I concentrate so much better.

Even with customers milling about I can totally screen them out. Is it the books? Is it the coffee? I don’t know.

I’ve read that there are some authors who have written their entire manuscripts in a coffee shop.

At home, I haven’t quite found that place that “speaks” to me, that makes me feel really productive. My friends and husband know I am just like “The Princess and the Pea”. They know it and I know it. I am acutely sensitive to my physical surroundings. If pictures are off center, I can’t stand it. If a space doesn’t “look” right, I get distracted.

Things in the universe have to line up for me. Things have to feel “right”. Again, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, she is weird”. I hope I’m just honest.

Anyway, we are walking the beaches, eating all our meals out (that part I really like) and generally just enjoying being away from the snow and cold, with or without sun.


God seems especially close and I sense a great clarity and direction about some issues. I’m reading a book by Joyce Meyer called, “How to hear from God”. I’m loving it and asking myself why I haven’t been reading her books lately. I tend to like the more cerebral authors, like Dallas Willard, Charles Spurgeon. Maybe I just feel smarter when I read them.

But Joyce Meyer, while I don’t agree with some of her religious philosophy, is great at not complicating issues. She is forthright and never pulls any punches.

I like what she says about knowing God’s word well enough that we can bring to mind what we need when we need it. But I particularly like this:

Trying to hear form God without reading His word is irresponsible and even dangerous. People who are too lazy to spend time in the Word or time in prayer, set themselves up for easy deception. If people are not used to hearing from God, they will find it difficult to recognize His voice when they really need Him. Even Jesus resisted Satan’s lies by answering, “It is written.” (Luke 4)

Joyce Meyer

Think about that today and ask yourself, “How well do I know God’s word, really?”

God bless and have a good day.

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