addicted to Pinterest

11,000 pins and still counting

I’ve been “pinning” tonight. I pin at night while watching TV because I’m an obsessive multitasker.

My daughter got me hooked on PInterest four years ago this October.

I could just “bean” her because I am truly addicted.

Here’s what I like about PInterest:

  • It sparks my creativity
  • creativity 2
    creativity 2
  • It reminds me it’s OK to “collect” a lot of junk.
messy house
messy house
  • It justifies my “dumpster diving” (Seriously, I pick up junk along the road. I’ve embarrassed my husband more than once. But I’ve got some really great free stuff.”
  • dumpster diving
    dumpster diving
  • It excuses my messy house because I’m always onto a new project.
messy house
messy house
  • It encourages me to recycle
  • upcycling
  • I hoard hoping to find time to make something from what I’ve hoarded

Here’s the down side:

  •  It makes me too competitve. If someone other “pinner” can do it, I can do it better.
  • competing
  • I collect items for projects I’m never going to make.hoarding
  • I end up making things I have no idea what to do with. I get “hooked” on something I really enjoying doing and just can’t quit.
  • painted rocks
    painted rocks
  • I end up getting obsessed with a particular project and collect way too much of the needed supplies. I mean how many pallet projects can one use in their home and how many places are there for mason jars?  (Right now it’s pallets and bottles.) Someone stop me. please!
  • Pallets
mason jars
mason jars
  • It sometimes keeps me from pursuing my painting
  • ariists
  • It discourages me because it’s not that anyone does anything I can’t or haven’t done but that they take such great pictures. My projects look every bit as good in reality but just not in my pictures.

Here’s the thing. I was a PInterest kind of gal long before Pinterest was ever a thought.

I’ve been painting furniture, repurposing items, painting glass, knitting, crocheting, sewing, stenciling, felting,-well, I can’t think of too much I’ve seen on Pinterest that I haven’t tried in some form or another. I’m the original DIY-er, crafter, repurpos-er, etc. Ask anyone.

Which makes me kind of mad.

I mean, why didn’t I think of PInterest?

Oh, my, here’s the UPS driver coming up the driveway and she’s female. I’ve got some Mason jars ready for distribution. 🙂

(God bless and I hope you have a good day.)