I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! What?

I love it when common sense wins out.

Let me explain.

Ever since this horrible crisis started, I’ve questioned the thoughts of the scientific community about the wearing of masks for the general public.

We were told to wear a mask if we showed symptoms because it protected those around us.

I immediately said to my husband, “So the virus only goes one way?” In other words, why wouldn’t it also protect the person who isn’t sick from getting it?

I listened to the “experts”. And it never made any sense to me.

And, of course now, a recommendation might well be coming out that we should all wear masks when in public.


Of course, some of the reasoning was that people would feel safer when wearing a mask and wouldn’t follow the safety practices like washing our hands, all the time, and cleaning surfaces constantly, and maintaining social distancing.

But there is also the counterpoint, which is that wearing a mask might well remind us how serious this is. I mean, why wouldn’t it?

I know that part of the reasoning was because they didn’t want to run out of mask for first responders and medical personnel.

So people who sew can make their own masks. (Tons of patterns on Pinterest.) But what if you don’t sew?

Well, wrap a scarf around your mouth. If you have old clothes you are getting ready for your local thrift store, cut those up and make into some sort of makeshift mask.

Here’s cool no sew idea. (double-click on image)

One final note,while I believe God thinks and performs out-of-the-box, I also believe God is a God of common-sense. Proverbs is the most common-sense book in the world.

Then there is “you reap what you sow”, I mean, duh! If a person only followed one piece of advice that would be my recommendation.

We get all excited about the definition of insanity, “Don’t keep doing what you’ve always done and expect different results”. It’s reapin’ and sowin”.

God was way ahead of the curve with that little nugget of wisdom. If you keep sowin’ what you’ve been sowin’, you will keep reapin’ what you’ve been reapin”.

Stay healthy and keep flattening the curve.”

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