Word of the year. What’s yours?

I can’t take credit for this idea. I read it over at It’s great site and it’s a great idea. You can read more about it here.

This blogger picks a specific word for each year as her kind of “mantra”. I searched out other sites and found this is kind of trend. Many have done this.

It really got me to thinking because words are very powerful. The book of Proverbs and James has much to say about our words. I really believe our word choices, especially the words we speak to our selves, can either lift us up or bring us down. That’s the power of our words.

the power of words
the power of words

Depression, in particular, responds to words. I’ve seen it time and time again for it not to be true.

I’m thinking of doing the same thing for myself for this year. I mean it’s only February so there’s a lot of year left. I’ve even thought of picking a song for the year maybe “Shout”, or even a piece of art work, “The Scream”! (Just kidding.)

Don’t know what word I will pick but some choices I’m leaning towards are:

  • trust
  • commit
  • tolerance
  • ambiguity
  • others
  • do
  • intentional
  • deliberate
  • compassion
  • mercy
  • action
  • quiet

Anyway, I thought it was a great and simple way to keep one’s focus for the year. I can see how picking a word could help one meet their goals.

meeting goals
meeting goals

It’s an interesting concept.

Anyway, God bless and I hope you have a good day