Dancing With the Stars

Don’t know how many of you watch DWTS but I do.

This year is the first time I can remember that a contestant has been on the show that openly proclaims her Christianity. That person is Candace Cameron Bure from the old sitcom series, Full House.  As most you of you know her and her brother, Kirk Cameron, do not shy away from their beliefs.  When I heard she was going to be on it, I wondered how she would pull off wearing the skimpy costumes and executing some of the dance moves. I hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed. So far I’m not.

Candace Cameron
Candace Cameron/DWTS/Google Images


She has not been obnoxious but she has also not shied away from answering questions that have been posed to her about her faith. And, of course, one really has to ask why the questions in the first place? Hmm, TV ratingS?

Last night, she was asked about the dance she was getting ready to perform. She had asked her dancing partner (the professional dancer) to keep his shirt on and that she wouldn’t be dancing some of the moves associated with the dance. Some things, she said, are reserved for her and her husband. YEA!!!!!!!! There was a “tweet” that was critical of her request. Again, why did that one get posted? Hmmm, TV ratings again? A little controversy to generate more viewers?

She hasn’t been the only contestant the show has used to promote their ratings, however. There have certainly been others, those at the extreme opposite end of the political and social spectrum.  I wish DWTS would just leave out the obvious ploys to raise ratings. It’s a dancing show. Let’s leave it at that.

Here’s my question-Why is it OK for a certain female reality star to do what she does and say what she says? Why is it OK fora certain female singer to produce music videos that are just this side of pornographic? Hmmm,  who became famous for that very reason. (See first sentence in this paragraph.) So why is it not ok for Candace Cameron to ask her partner to keep his shirt on?

When does tolerance of one’s views apply only to those with liberal views? Why are Christian views “ignorant” simply because they’re labeled “conservative”? What’s wrong with conservative views anyway? What if I think some liberal views are “ignorant”? Is tolerance one-sided?  Just to add, people with conservative views are no more intolerant than those with liberal views.

Now, just so you know, I am not even aware of what Candace Cameron’s religious, social or political views are. I might not agree with her about anything. I might not even agree with her about the shirt. (You’ll never know. 🙂 )

Faith is unique to each individual when it comes to other than basic doctrinal beliefs.

That’s not the point.

The point is just this– I like it when someone has the conviction to be true to their beliefs. It’s called integrity. And as long as those beliefs don’t end up encouraging or causing harm to another individual, I’m all for it. Just remember, the pendulum swings both ways. Tolerance by those who claim “modern”, “progressive” views is sadly lacking when it comes to being tolerant of those with religious convictions.

Enough said.