bedroom addition

Yea! The bedroom is almost done.

Yea. Things are progressing pretty much on schedule. A contractor finishing his work ahead of time. What alternative world am I living in?

Plus, the cost. Looks like it’s right on target.

Was painted yesterday. Polar Bear White my Behr. At least that’s what the lady in the paint department said during the first go-round. I took in a piece of watercolor paper and it color-matched because my favorite white, Cottage White, just didn’t look right to me. So I call it Watercolor Paper white.

Then when I had to buy another gallon, the woman told me it wasn’t Polar Bear white. It was a custom color. Hope she’s right because I like the idea of Watercolor Paper white better. Sounds so much “artier”.

Here’s some pics. Look closely at top and you can see the peak. The odd-looking triangle “thingee” is where the fan goes. After all, it’s a peaked ceiling and the fan has to be attached to a reinforced area. Kind of cool though.

bedroom addition


My closet. Has a light and a switch. Yea!!!

bedroom addition


This picture shows how the closet walls go up to the peaked ceiling. Look up to the right-hand corner.bedroom addition


The flooring is by Pergo. It wasn’t my first choice. My first choice, believe it or not, was a linoleum that looked like bleached wood. But we do not heat the cabin in the winter so I couldn’t do that. This was a close second, though.
bedroom addition