Hey, I took my first baby CSS step!

I don’t usually post twice in one day but in addition to becoming a “chef” (Remember, this is said tongue-in-cheek.) I’ve decided to learn CSS.

All you bloggers out there know what that means. For the rest of you, let’s just say. WHOA!

Even the guy on the help desk told me it’s really hard to learn. He said no one taught him either. He just read, and read, and read.

Anyway. it’s hot in Michigan, so I decided to change my background to bright red. Now, to tell you the truth, I could’ve done it an easy way but I chose to try the hard way through CSS.

I read two or three pages, and clicked on some buttons, and low and behold there was the red!

I’m sharing this with you tonight to encourage you not to give up if you’re on a steep learning curve for anything.

Just keep reading and keep experimenting.

God bless and have a great day.