Ghosts of Christmas past projects. Do you see what I see?

How are all of you doing?

Last night I spend some time in the basement “taking stock”. You know, making sure I have everyone covered, bags ready, and tissue paper and scotch tape on hand. I’m putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations and calling it done.

This afternoon my husband and I are baking cookies. We did it a little different this year and have the dough frozen. Here’s our two favorite recipes if you want to check them out.

This first one is honestly the BEST roll-out butter cookie ever. I shouldn’t even think about baking them because I can’t resist them. I found out a couple of years ago how good my hubby is at cutting them out and decorating them. Seriously. He’s much better than I am. He takes his time. I’ll bet he wished he never let me know. Actually, he loves doing it.

And then this very ugly cookie with a great taste and an interesting history. It really is an ugly cookie. But it’s a great dunker with a great taste. I mean these cookies would last a year. But you have to read the history to know why.

I think the mason jar crafts I did two years ago were my all-time favorite projects.


I wish I could show you what I’m working on this year but I always have to wait till after Christmas to post them because some of my followers are recipients.

Here are some more decorations from Christmas’s past. I love accenting whatever I already have on display and turning it into a Christmas decoration. I buy lots of Christmas “picks”, various kind of objects for just this purpose. It’s fun to put it all together in creative ways.

This is a flower vase(s). I add lots of white and some beads and voila, it turns into a Christmas decoration. This sits on a mirror. I like to use mirrors for decorating, and often not on the wall

I love creating Christmas “scenes”. Here’s a few older ones.

Last night I came across some candle holders from a garage sale and some ornaments I’ve had for years. Wait till you see the funky trees (more representational than real) I created. I was on a creative “roll” last night.

Anyway, keep at it folks. Twenty-four days left and counting.

God bless and have a good and productive day.