you should be in Michigan right now

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Whoa! You really should be on the west coast of Michigan right now. I’ve been working on my blog all day today and I have learned a new skill. I’m so proud of myself right now. I won’t tell you what it is as I bet you’d laugh because you already know how to do it. Anyway…..

I’ve watched it snow heavily all day. Started about nine this morning. It’s now five. We’re supposed to get about six inches over the course of twenty-four hours but I’ll bet we already have that much. I have blankets up against all outside walls. (Remember the house is over one hundred years old-lots of places for cold weather to creep in.) Sun showed yesterday morning for about two hours. Outside of that, I cant tell you the last time we had a sunny day. In case you didn’t know, Michigan rivals Oregon for sunless days.

Right now, I’m asking myself, “Mmmm, why do I live here?” Because nothing compares with our spring, summer, and falls. They’re glorious. So for today I’m concentrating on learning new skills and dreaming of the spring, the cabin, etc. So why do I think anyone is even interested in this today?

Because life is no different than the weather.There are good days, there are bad days.There are days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun smiles on everything.  There are other days when it’s cloudy, dark and gloomy. It’s life. The trick is to think of life like the weather. Eventually, it changes.

God bless and be glad if you live somewhere warm. 🙂