offensive t-shirts

Books (Photo credit: phatcontroller)

Today I’m ticked about graphically worded t-shirts. I’m all for free speech in literature but not on one’s back where if they’re standing in front of me in line, I can’t avoid it. I have a choice what books I read. I have a choice about the shows or movies I watch.  But I don’t have a choice where these profanely worded t-shirts are. But take me out of the equation, What about children? Do the people who wear these shirts ever think about children? Apparently not, or they wouldn’t wear them.

I question the intelligence of anyone who has to resort to vulgar and offensive words to express themselves.

The right to free speech does NOT mean that one can pervert it to mean that anything anyone says is ok regardless of circumstances. I think our founding fathers would be aghast were they to see how this right has been used to excuse perverse and hateful speech.  I realize that what perversion is to me might not be the same for someone else.  But there is such a thing as decency and appropriateness and it’s been my experience that most people are offended by words that show a basic disrespect for women, races, religion, or anyone who is “different”.

So that’s it for today.