Alexandra Stoddard

May I introduce you to………….?

I’d like to introduce you to an author that you may not be familiar with.

Her name is Alexandra Stoddard. I read her books many years ago and found a couple of her books recently at a thrift store. I’d forgotten how much I love her writing. She is primarily an interior decorator and while her books are older they, of course, don’t show the latest trends. However, if you’re following trends, then you need to read her books because she gives advice that is timeless.

She also writes inspirational books as well. I find she speaks to me in many ways. Especially this first picture. I didn’t read it until May just shortly before my mother died.

Alexandra Stoddard

These are from her book called “Grace Notes”.

Aren’t they great?

Here are some more books. I’m reading “Open Your Eyes” and I have found it very helpful when I evaluate my own decorating efforts.Alexandra Stoddard.


Here is a link to her newsletter. It’s a very sweet and inspirational read. http://ww

God bless and have a great day.