my favorite rosebud picture

How to re-design and re-define a garden

Yesterday I posted about how my husband and I began making changes in my garden a couple of years ago.

Since then my back and feet are much better due to surgery, therapy, and an injection.

Before I show you what we are doing now, let me show you who “visited” my garden a few days ago.



I mean, look at that little face. Is he/she not the cutest little fawn you’ve ever seen?

fawnHe/she had just been born; I think under our pine trees. There is chain link fence on one side of my garden and the mother had jumped over and left her baby to hunker down until she returned.

Because my husband is a deer hunter, I knew not to get too close or the mother might abandon her baby.

So we let her baby sleep and she was gone the next morning.

What a great experience.

But to move on, here’s what we’re doing this year. We’re still keeping the garden smaller because that just makes sense but now we’ve decided to delineate the garden areas so I can better visualize.

We are adding edging and some clearly defined walkways.

 garden redesign

 garden redesign

The ‘whitish” plant you see in the picture below is Rose Champion. Because it has fuzzy leaves, deer leave it alone. Everything I plant now has to be deer resistant as you can obviously tell from the first pictures of my “garden guest”.  There isn’t a morning I walk in this garden that I don’t see deer footprints. I used to grow roses. Forget that!

 garden redesign

 garden redesign

The groundcover (a sedum) you see in the left background in the picture below was propagated from a small piece I plucked from what was an empty field across from our house. I’ll bet I’ve grown at least a couple of acres of this stuff. I’ve given a lot of it away. It’s a great way to quickly cover an area which is what I wanted it to do for a couple of years because I was unable to work in this garden much. But I’ve tired of it and so I am removing.

I’ve taken some to the cabin and transplanted much of it down our driveway, which is where most of what I pull up will go.

 garden redesign

Believe it or not, deer loves roses. How they manage to eat off the roses without getting “thorned” to death, I’ll never know. I have to wear gloves to my elbows, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants when I even get near them. They’re beautiful, but lethal.

Here are some pictures from years past when the deer weren’t eating my roses. Sigh…….

garden roses


bench in garden

Not a rose but one of my favorites, Lucifer Crocosmia. Also, one of my oldest plants. I keep digging up extra stalks and plant them everywhere. I have given away many of these.
 lucifer crocosmia

My favorite rosebud picture.

my favorite rosebud picture

Aren’t these beautiful. Another big sigh. The white one has died. Oh, well, there are thousands of rose varieties. I’ll just have to try again.

roses on wallGod bless and I hope you have a “rosy” day.