broken heart

My heart broke again last night

Just a short post today.

Last night, I made it official. I sold my mother’s house, furnishings and all, to my brother at well below market value.

I knew it would be hard to hand over my garage door opener. It was my “key” to her home. It was harder than I thought. I feel like I’ve closed a door.

My brother lived with my mom for the last eight years because he needed a place to live. That was hard for me, too. It was not a good living arrangement in the beginning. My mom regretted her decision for a while but gradually it turned out to be a really good arrangement. They both made their peace with each other and my brother came through for her in the final few months.

I knew this was what she would want but to know I can’t access her house like I could before is really hard.

Sometimes doing the right thing really hurts. Really, really hurts.

broken heart

We leave today to pick up our little grandson for a week. I will be so busy, I won’t have too much time to think about it so the timing is good, I guess.

I guess there is a bright side. I don’t have to clear out the house and get it ready to sell. Maybe God prompted this for that very reason. That might have been even harder.

Anyway, if you’re facing difficult times, remember you are not alone. For every situation we find ourselves in, someone has probably gone through it before. Sometimes it helps to know that. Not always, but sometimes.

God bless and have a good day.