coffee table centerpiece/DIY

I need your insight about a camera purchase.


I’m thinking about a real camera as opposed to always using my cell phone. But they don’t come cheap.

Our local store is suggesting a moderately priced one at $1,200.00. After all accessories, it will come to about $2,000.00. It’s also waterproof which is important to me. The young man who was helping me made a good point in that if I start with one that is too cheap, I might eventually find I want a better one so why not start with a better one in the first place?

I get that. Sometimes I do have a tendency to go too cheap.

But then I read some online articles and the point was made that one can have expensive equipment and still not be a good photographer. And I understand that logic as well.

For example, I paint, pictures, that is. I feel my brushes and the paper are very important. But, for me, the paint isn’t. I think because of my artistic bent, I take good pictures anyway but I can’t take really good close-ups, blur the background, etc. For example, I will be posting the DIY’s featuring these next two projects. Here are the pics. They’re not that great, huh?

pallet board table/DIY



pallet board table/DIY

Compare the above with this:

painted furniture

Do you see the difference? The above picture is so much brighter.

I do have about four photo editing apps on my phone and can do a pretty good job at editing. But I’d like to get the pictures right without out having to always rely on post picture editing. And, of course, editing is not ever the first choice because it skews the dynamics of the original picture.

And I don’t necessarily believe you get what you pay for. With some things, yes, with other’s no. And it depends how long you want something to last.

never, ever, spend a lot on clothes but I might on a purse, and I have to spend good money on shoes because of my feet.

So I am really in a quandary here.

So here’s what I need you to understand.

The only area where I feel my blog is not up to speed are my pictures of my DIY projects, etc. I’m happy with everything else. But the other point you need to know is that I’m worried I could lose my focus. But I am drawn more and more to the beautiful pictures I see on some blogs.

Here’s the most interesting thing of all. Two of my posts in this last weeks that garnered a lot of attention was one about when we don’t feel we belong (here), and the other was a DIY project (here).

Do you see my dilemma?

So I am asking for your help. If you know anything at all about cameras and could suggest one to me. Yes, I do see myself of making good use of the camera for lots of other occasions as well. s

If, however, you feel the pictures are not that important, I would really appreciate it hearing that as well. (I should tell you that I’m also considering a good camera for vacations, etc.)

Thanks for your help.

God bless and have a good day.