great find/deer head

Some great bargain treasures from an estate sale

It’s a little early for garage sales but I did find an estate sale over the weekend. I spent more than I usually do but I really like this African deer head. It’s probably about sixteen inches high. Not real big but just big enough. ($6.00)

great find/deer head

great find/deer head


Then there’s this little embroidered scarf.

red and white scarf/great find

Then there’s this picture frame. I love the distressed look. ($4.00)

great find/picture frame

great find/picture frame


Then there’s this box with a picture inside. I needed something almost this exact size for a gallery wall I’m working on. I actually like the cow. I just have to glue it down better. ($1.oo.)

great find/picture in a box


And finally, this roll of sticky tabs for making cards. ($1.00)

great find/sticky tape

As you read this we are headed up to cabin. We thought we’d do things a little different this year and instead of opening it up all at the same time, we would make a couple of shorter trips so it’s not so overwhelming.

So we are taking up some groceries, making a list of what we need and overall surveying everything to see how much work we have in store. There is always a lot.

Finally, I just want to complain a little. This is for pastors, youth leaders, etc.

We got to church yesterday and our pastor informed us that our worship leader (who was on the stage) had a bad stomach bug and had been sick for a couple of days. So my husband and I are looking at each other with an “Excuse me?” look on our face.  Can I just say, that was ridiculous? Stomach bugs are highly contagious.

We were not happy.

I mean if you can’t have a service without a worship leader, what does that mean? Seriously, we simply could have eliminated the singing if needed. As it was he didn’t even make it through the service so as it turned out we didn’t have our usual final song anyway. And everyone survived.

I don’t get how anyone thinks they have the right to compromise other people’s health when it isn’t needed. Just so you know, we think our worship leader is great. We really like him. But that has nothing to do with his bad decision to show up at church sick.

So that’s it for today. God bless and have a great one.