When you never see a wonderful possibility.

So last week we were at our adorable cabin. I had a plan but God saw the possibilities.


I had so looked forward to sitting on my she-shed porch and reading, thinking, studying my Bible, etc. In other words, I wanted to be selfish.

The prior visit the weather had been miserable, cold and rainy and some none of that had happened. Plus, I was exhausted. I don’t really know why. I just was.

When I get tired, I can get overwhelmed very easily and I was starting to feel that way so this particular visit was really more for R & R.

The she-shed, (named LaCabinette) is all girly. This year I’ve been redecorating it, changing the colors to mostly shades of pink. I’ve added ruffled curtains, lots of flowers. I’m going “frenchy-eclectic-farmhousey.”

(When we had the she-shed built I felt the exterior should match the cabin. But not the inside!)

But God had other plans.

We had made some plans for a couple of those days but I was figuring they would be short days so I was looking forward to at least two days to myself.

They were anything but.

But the surprise was the particular day I had no idea was going to happen and plans were kind of made for me.

My grandson came and spent a night with us. He mentioned he might come back another day to go fishing with his grandpa. So he called the next day to say he was coming and “Natalie, (his girlfriend) wanted to come and have a “girls” day with me.

Of course, I said, “Yes.”

But I wondered what we could possibly do and was worried I’d feel like I had to entertain her. When I told her we were hitting the thrift stores, she was thrilled. Turns out she loves “thrifting”.

We spent the entire day shopping at various stores, went out for a great lunch at an upscale but inexpensive little restaurant, and later in the afternoon met my husband and grandson at another restaurant as they hadn’t eaten yet and it was on our way home.

As we drove home, our conversation turned more serious. She shared some things with me that concerned her about her current job, etc. We truly bonded and I was glad God had so manipulated my schedule to include a day with her.

The two of them left that afternoon.

Usually, my time at the cabin is very quiet. There are a couple of friends I might see but that’s it. But this time God knew I didn’t need that. He knew I needed people.

The older I get the more God surprises me. That seems odd to me. It would seem I wouldn’t be surprised anymore. But. I. Am.

A lot.

Maybe it’s that I’m finally getting it. Meaning that I’m willing to admit I don’t always know what is best for me even though I think I do. I’m learning to trust that my God always, always, always is watching out for me and that if I listen and follow his lead, what he has planned is far better than what I think up.

Later my husband told me about a conversation with our grandson. I learned that our opinion of his choice for a mate was really important to him. That so warmed my heart. We’ve tried hard to be an example to our children and grandchildren; it was wonderful to hear he valued our opinion.

There were so many affirmations I received over those few days that I really needed to hear.

Sometimes you don’t know you are in need of something until it shows up. You don’t know where you are empty until you are filled.

After I wrote this post, I reread it and realized it didn’t sound all that dramatic as I suggested. But it really was. Each day was like God was revealing more to me about how he moves in my life.

We came home exhausted and thrilled all at the same time.

How about you? Have you had those kinds of days where God turned your plans upside down and it was all for the good? I sure hope so.

God bless and have a great day.

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