“A neglected garden.” A poem.

(I found this in my draft file. I just love this. The truth? I don’t know if I wrote it or not. I hope I did. But if I had I think I would have posted it right away. I wish I knew the author. If you do, let me know. Enjoy it anyway, whoever wrote it.)

My neglected garden reminds me

Of the joys I knew, playing in the dirt

Planting the flowers.

Sitting in the quiet of the morning.

Listening to God

Times I spent in deep prayer

As the flowers grew around me

And the butterflies tickled my hair

While I sat so still.

I came to the garden alone

But God was always there.


I’ll come to the garden again

While the “dew is still on the roses”,

I will  hear him speak

I will be restored.