Flowers, fur, freedom, feathers, fleece.

Today I’m thankful for flowers. I love gardening and I love all types of flowers. Roses are my favorite and Lady’s Mantle runs a close second. I have lots of roses, not fussy, temperamental ones. If they don’t make it after a couple of years, they’re gone. Today’s post will be short but I will include a number of pictures.

Another place to sit.
I have many places to sit in my gardens as well. I love to spend time at one of the tables and have my devotions. (For those of you who wonder what “devotions” are, it’s the time I set aside each day to read my bible, think and pray. God just seems closer when I’m in my garden.) This last year I didn’t get to do much of that as we were at our cabin a lot finishing up our newest addition to the property-our adorable little bunkhouse called “La Cabinette”. When we weren’t there, we were at our daughter’s, or helping out my mom. It was a very busy summer. I’m making a vow to spend more time in my garden next year. I feel missed something that is very important to my sanity.

I can’t think of a single flower I don’t like. There are some I prefer to see in someone else’s garden as they’re too invasive or too much trouble, like daisies. I love daisies but once you have them, you have them forever. I like Bee Balm because it attracts hummingbirds but they too are nasty spreaders.

Yea for summer!

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  1. Flowers are definitely a gift to us. You have a gorgeous garden and a special place to commune with the Lord.

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