sun shining/Christ died for our freedom

Christ died for our freedom. Let’s live like we really believe it.

Christ died for our freedom. Christ died so mankind could be saved from his sins and live eternally. That is, of course, the main message of Easter.

But is there more? I believe in Christ, there is always more.

Find Your Joy

However, Christ also died so that our time on earth would be filled with joy. He preached that over and over. Christ died our “now” and that “now” is to be lived fully because of our assurance of eternal life. That assurance is meant to make a difference in our daily lives because it is in our daily lives that Christ’s purpose on the cross can be lived out.

As I was having devotions this morning and as I was praying about what today means in the Christian’s life, I couldn’t help but think of the word “freedom“.

Christ died for freedom:

  • Freedom from sin.
  • Freedom from depression, anxiety, doubt, discouragment.
  • Freedom to live our lives gloriously.

A great price was paid. How many of us really get that? I’m sure I don’t most of the time. It’s hard to comprehend that a perfect human being would die for a fallen race.

And, yet, Christ did.

Find Your Freedom

Therefore, let us reflect on that price today. And tomorrow, the-day-in-between, let’s contemplate the joy that can and should be ours every day. The day-in-between is an important day in the life of the believer. It gives us time to think.

Le’s make Easter Sunday the day we break the chains that hold us back. Let’s experience our own rebirth.

If you want goosebumps, listen to this recording. It’s an old song and sung by a group most of you wouldn’t know but it is so powerful, you can’t help but rejoice.

God bless you this Easter season and may you find the hope that comes only through Christ.