Clouds, darkness, and God

Clouds, darkness, and God. It seems a contradiction, doesn’t it? Isn’t faith in God all about sunshine and light?

Not always.

Sometimes the closer we get to God the more He seems shrouded in mystery. That’s because the closer we get to God the more we stand in amazement and wonder. Too often we approach God with too much familiarity.

People who are too flippant and familiar are those who’ve never stood on holy ground. Because to stand there and see the HOLINESS of God, is to be in awe, even in the darkness and clouds. There have been many times in Scritpure times when God was represented by clouds and darkness.

purple sky

Clouds and thick darkness surround Him;

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of HIs throne.

Psalm 27:2

He is more than just our “buddy”, “the man upstairs”. That’s way too careless. He is beyond our comprehension. And yet, He calls us to Him as a friend. We are called to be honest and ourselves with Him while at the same time recognizing His unfathomable holiness.

I doubt any Christian has ever really experienced God in all His glory if he or she hasn’t first been awestruck by His fearsome holiness.

As the weekend approaches, remember, God is holy.