don't worry about the stock market

Why I’m not worried about the stock market.

Today is Tuesday tidbits. Usually that mean some helpful hints about something. But tidbits can mean anything.

So today my tidbit is my reaction to the wild stock market ride.

The last time this happened my husband and I were in Paris. We really didn’t know how bad things were until we got “stateside”.

Now we’re planning another trip (sadly, not to Paris, but at least French Montreal so it will feel a little like Paris) and what happens?-the stock market goes on a wild ride once again.

What’s with that?

But you know what. The stock market is not where my security lies. At one point in my life, it might have been all about “assets” but not for a very long time.

My security is in the fact that God is in charge, not in ways I might always understand because God’s ways are not my ways.  I don’t like seeing our 401 K take a nose dive more than anyone else. But I’ve learned that life is all about learning how to ride on top of the waves, not fight them.

I love the last three chapters of Job and the vividness in which God describes how he is in control. I think it’s the most beautiful portion of scripture and I read it whenever the news is kind of scary. If you haven’t read it, you might want to.

All I can say is I’m glad most of my clothes comes from thrift shops as does most of the decor in my house, with the only exception being upholstered furniture and large appliances. But even then I shop discount stores.

I pay $12.oo for my haircut. I keep our home cooler than most in the winter and warmer than most in the summer. I think I’ve only paid full-price for a book once and that’s because I forgot to bring by books for an overseas trip and actually bought a couple at the airport. I was so mad at myself. I did enjoy the books though.

I buy a lot of my make-up at Dollar General. Their eyeliner is just great.

I’m not bragging. I’m just pointing out why the “swingin” stock market doesn’t concern me all that much. I’m used to living frugally and will be even more so now.

Oh, I forgot. I drove my last car for sixteen years. Wished I could’ve made it a few more.

Here’s a picture of my living room which shows you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful room.

living room
Living room, The black and white pillows are pillow covers I sewed and covered up older pillows. The lamps I’ve had for at least twenty years which I spray painted in Heirloom white. I covered my sofas with covers from Kohls. Everything on the mantle and in the corner are items I’ve collected over the years from thrift stores and garage sales. The paintings are mine. The black table, $10.00, garage sale. The swags-fabric from Goodwill, $10.00. The blue bottles on coffee table I’ve collected and painted, about $1.00 each. The white rug, $20.00, garage sale.


Black secretary
this secretary I’ve had for years. Everything you see in or on it are from garage sales or thrift stores. Maybe a total of $10.00 for all.


close up of buffet in dining room
Close up of buffet in dining room. Everything I’ve either re-purposed or made. The buffet was “clearanced” at Hobby Lobby for about $40.00. I repainted it. All the pedestals I’ve made. Art work is my own.


Hobby Lobby hoop art
Hobby Lobby hoop art


circle of hoops
Circle of hoops


 guest bedroom/ everything from thrift stores except round piece ($10.00)form Hobby Lobby which was on clearance. Had a nick I touched up with craft paint.
Guest bedroom.  Everything from thrift stores except round piece ($10.00) from Hobby Lobby which was on clearance. Had a nick I touched up with craft paint.

The wild stock market doesn’t get in the way of my joy of doing what I love to do. And besides, these are just rooms. They have no eternal value.

God bless and I hope  you have a good day.