So why do I purposely go to church late?

I told you yesterday I would share with you why, when we’re at our cabin, we purposefully go to church late.

Be prepared. You are going to laugh at me.

First of all, it’s a really small little church. Maybe fifty-sixty people at the most.

Now instead of the pastor thinking to rope off some rows so the congregation sits closer to each other and feel a little more emboldened to open their mouths, they are scattered all over the pews. The worship center is not small, however. So you end up with one or two people in a row. No one sings when you’re scattered like that. It’s a fact.

Next, they don’t have a worship leader. (I really do need to talk to the pastor about his music program.)

They sing-a-long to very bad tapes of piano music that is way too high-ranged for the congregation. So no one sings except for the “worship team who can barely be heard.

Now enter “me”.

A former choir director, and soloist. I cannot, and I do mean, cannot, sing softly. I have a “big” voice.  Originally, we’d go in time for the hymns, but I got tired of people looking around at me in the back row when I started to sing, as if it were an anomaly. Remember, I can’t sing softly. I just can’t. So I quit singing altogether but I hated that. Truthfully, I was hoping to “lead from behind”.

It never worked.

Yes, I did get lots of compliments but honestly, I really am kind of shy about such things. If were singing in front of the congregation, it wasn’t so bad but I can’t say I like the compliments.

So I came up with an alternative. We arrive after the singing is over.

Of course, there is the final song. For that one, I let ‘er rip. When people turn around, I belt it out even more. One of these days, they’ll start singing. I just know it.

Till then, I will always have the “Swan song” all to myself.