painted furniture

A small table transformed three ways. So easy.

A small table is easy to transform. Here are three ways, using paint, stencils, and aluminum flashing. I love DIYing.

small table transform/diy

Table One

This is where it began for this particular table. It was just plain wood, like the top. I painted the legs, then got all fancy with the shelf with paint and a stencil.

small table transform/DIY

Here, I started painting. The photo is fuzzy. The paint on the legs is Rustoleum 3x, Aluminum. The top really isn’t warped like it looks in this picture.

Table Two

small table transform/DIY

Here, I painted the horizontal surfaces is Rustoleum 3X, Seafoam.

small table with a vase/storing candle holders in the open

I applied stain over top because that’s what I do. I used Minwax, Early American.

small table transform/DIY

It stayed like that for a while and then I painted it gray. I left the flashing. Small tables are easy to transform without a lot of work. They are also getting very hard to find at garage sales and thrift shops and it’s rare to find an inexpensive one. So grab it up when you do.

Table Transform Three

small table transform/DIY

I don’t know but I think It might need another transformation.

I can’t wait for garage sales so I can start again. How about you? There’s so many cool paint colors and types of spray paint now.

If you need more inspiration, my board on Pinterest is loaded with them.

I hope you have a great day and God bless.