DIY/fabric pumpkins

My growing pumpkin obsession. It’s getting worse!

Pumpkins have almost become an obsession for me. Seriously.

I have this tendency to get obsessed on one project and then going overboard because I love it so much.

For a while, it was bottles, mason jars, and anything glass.

DIY/painted bottles


Then it was scarves, knitted, and fabric.  These were cowl scarves from double-sided flannel.

DIY/scarves/Christmas 2016
scarves/Christmas 2016

These are all cowl scarves. I think I knitted about thirty of them that year. I always donate the scarves to our local mission store. 

Then it was jewelry. The necklace in the middle is made from “Sculpy”, the last one from paper.


Now, it’s cloth pumpkins.

DIY/ fall decorating

I made these little fuzzy ones for some women I met at a garage sale. They gave me two scarves so I said I’d make them into pumpkins for them. I delivered on that promise.

DIY/fabric pumpkins

Then I sent these to my daughter.

DIY/fabric pumpkins
DIY/fabric pumpkins

Have you made any pumpkins yet?

Have you made any of these pumpkins this year? I’m dying to make some from velvet if I can find it really cheap. (thinking a dress form Goodwill.)

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day and God bless each of you.

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