Wow! What I found on Netflix yesterday.

So-o-o-o, I took some time off yesterday for lunch and I decided to explore the “Guide” portion of my TV. I was looking for educational shows I might have and not know I have.

Guess what I found? A Marie Kondo series. Yep, the same Marie Kondo of “Tidying Up”.

Marie Kondo

It’s fascinating. After Ms. Kondo “introduced” herself to the house, (which she does with every house, she had the entire family kneel and ask the house to cooperate with them on this task of tidying up. And believe me, this couple needed help. Whether or not you buy into any of this, it’s still very interesting, isn’t it?

I’ve always believed our surroundings affect us in many different ways. They either encourage us to pursue our lives or they don’t. They either give us energy or they take it away.

So the first thing she had this couple to is pile up all their clothes in one pile. It reached up to the ceiling! And that was just the woman’s clothes. Her instructions for that day were to ask themselves whether they want to take specific items of clothes into their future. I find that an interesting question.

Maybe that’s a question we could ask about lots of areas in our lives.

What habits, for example, do we want to take into the future?

What about ideas, views?

January is such a good month to think about the future.

Are there things we’ve been doing that we no longer need to do? Are there “things” we’ve been keeping because we just haven’t wanted to make a decision about letting them go?

You’ve heard me mention a book I’m reading called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

At the same time, I’ve been reading about bullet journaling. I’m hoping to put them all together.

And can I just say, while I had a negative first reaction to the whole “spark joy” philosophy she refers to often, I kind of ended up coming around to her point of view.

Really, what is the point of keeping anything that doesn’t “spark joy”? (I should say though, that doesn’t apply to everything in our homes. Lots of items aren’t necessarily going to “spark joy” but we need them.)

And when you think about it, why do we want anything around us that doesn’t bring us joy?

And that same philosophy refers to much more than tangible items. I want my thoughts, my habits, my attitudes, everything to bring me joy. And these are all things I have control over. They can either bring me joy or not. It truly is up to me. I can obsess over what might happen, or I can handle the “might happens” when they actually do happen.

Rebecca Platt

I wish you would have seen this couple’s home before and after. I have never seen no much “stuff”. I feel absolutely a minimalist compared to them.

Anyway, when you are considering this next year, ask yourself, “What do I really want to take into 2019?

God bless and have a good day.

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