Honesty with God. Have you told Him how you really feel?

Being honest with God

Honesty with God isn’t easy. Have you honestly told God how you really feel? We often think we’re being honest; we seldom are. The heart lags behind at times.

If you’ll recall, my post yesterday was about how my mood was down and I figured it was because of the stress of getting my book ready for publication, and now that it looks like it’s done, I’ve been left with a vacuum.

That’s still true. But here’s something interesting. After I hit “publish”, I read Psalm 119: 26.

I suddenly realized that while I had told all you that, and while I had prayed about it, I wasn’t sure I had been totally honest before God. A lot of times, I think I have been but God reminds me that I haven’t. And, like today, it’s often through His word.

God redirects through His word

I read what the Psalmist wrote and immediately did the same thing. I told God of my “ways”, meaning how I was feeling. And just like the Psalmist, He answered me.

A continuing process

You may be wondering what this process looks like.

As is often the case with God, He redirected my thoughts. Shortly I was back on track.

This is how God works. It’s not enough to be honest before God and unload, although there are certainly times that’s all we can do, but the Psalmist says there is more. If we only and always just unload so we will feel better, we treat God like a confessor only, not our heavenly father who wants so much more for us.

The rest of that verse and the verses below, tells us what to do next.

I have told you of my ways, and you have answered me. Psalm 119:27

Teach me your statutes. Make me understand the way of Your precepts. (And then this) So I will meditate on your wonders.” Psalm 119:27

What the Psalmist is saying is that once we tell God how we feel, (our ways), we need to learn more. We need to understand all of God’s precepts, so we can mature in our faith. We need to meditate on his word.

through meditation

girl with hands reaching up to the sky.honesty before God

If we really meditated on all God has already done for us, we could never get discouraged. If we meditated on his word more, looked around us more, recognized his presence more……But alas, we are human. And our humanness gets in the way.

Few of us walk around meditating as we should and that includes me. Few of us meditate on his wonders as the Psalmist did in verse twenty-seven. All his wonders. Blessings are wonders as well.

When we meditate on God’s blessings to us, we are expressing gratitude.

Verses 28: 32:

My soul weeps because of grief (whatever grief that is), Strength me according to your work.

through intention

With honestly, comes intention.

We chose to be faithful. We ask for God’s help, yes, but then we have to be intentional about using the help he has offered. Help doesn’t always mean our feelings are immediately better. It might mean God has given us wisdom about how to deal with those feelings. And the “dealing” part is up to us.

Remove the false way from me, and graciously grant me your law. I have chosen the faithful way. I have placed your ordinances before me. I cling to Your testimonies; O, Lord, do not put me to shame.

through obedience

With honesty, though, comes obedience.

I shall run the way of your commandments for you will enlarge my heart

There is such logical progression in God’s word. “Seek me and I will be found.” That’s grace, being “found.” But after I’m found, you need to continue to learn of me. ” (paraphrase of verses above.)

Honesty before God is easy when we are offering praise and thankfulness. We’re not embarrassed. We don’t feel chagrined. But to have to admit our weaknesses is another issue.

I’m so glad we serve a God whose arms are always open no matter what condition we are in. He doesn’t fold his arms when we get to be too much or turn away. He is always welcoming. Seventy times seven means nothing to God.

May you find yourselves coming to the throne of grace with an open heart and and transparency.

God bless and have a wonderful day.