God speaks in the most unusual ways.

A few years ago, my husband and I undertook a big remodeling project.

Right in the middle of it, my mom came over for a visit and slipped on our steps and hit her head on the concrete sidewalk really hard.

The next two months were very hard, trying to navigate all the issues concerning her head injury and consequent recovery, and our remodeling project.

But we got through it.

I got very discouraged at times and would fall into bed exhausted and frustrated. I tried to trust God but it was hard. I kept expecting to see His leading clearly, hear His voice intimately. But He seemed far away.

When I looked back after everything had settled down, I realized He had been leading and he had been speaking. But through my husband. Through the doctors. Through friends and family.

God is always speaking. But not always in the way we expect. We may not have time for deep prayer or deep Bible study. Hopefully, our prayer and study habits from the past have given us a solid foundation. But we have to remember that God IS speaking and He IS leading whether we can actively pursue Him or not.

We need to pay attention to all the resources He is using, strangers, bits of information that come our way, a casual remark. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been perplexed about something when a remark from a perfect stranger hits me right between the eyes and I recognize God’s voice.

I mean if God can speak through a donkey, I think any other venue is an easy possibility, don’t you? (I hope you read this story. It’s quite fascinating.)

Anyway, look for God to speak to you in every possible way. I believe we can be in communication with God every moment. We just have to open to it.

God bless and have a wonderful day.