Why “how” we’re thinking is important.

How many times do you hear people say, “What was I thinking?”. This is usually in reference to a mistake they’ve made.

For me, I’m often trying on some piece of clothing when I’m asking that question.

But most people stop there. It never occurs to them that asking the question means there probably would’ve been a different had we given it some real thought ahead of time.

Instead some people state the question as an explanation for their behavior.

If we’re continuing to ask, “What was I thinking?”, it seems pretty obvious we weren’t.

Examine your thinking. What processes did you use, if any, to make your decision?  Or have you even formulated any decision-making process?

Some decisions don’t require a lot of in-depth thinking.

For example, once I picked out some wallpaper for an apartment that was an ivy kind of pattern. At the time I liked it.  A year or so later, I hated it. That was just a change in my preferences but it wasn’t important enough to give it deep thought. It was just wallpaper after all and like most women, I like changing things up a lot.

But I know a number of people who continue to make bad decisions about important life issues. Like getting into one bad relationship after another.

What were they thinking when they started dating the same type of person they always date. It’s like the definition of insanity, they keep making the same decisions and then wonder why the relationship goes sour.

Or what about me when I can’t keep my hands out of the cookie jar. “What was thinking”? In my case, it’s usually that I wasn’t thinking in the first place. It was habit, not thinking.

Don’t ask the question, “What was I thinking?” AFTER THE FACT. Instead, be proactive and ask the question, “How am I thinking?”   

God bless and I hope you have a good day.