What does “special needs” mean anyway?

(This is a re-post with an update about where I am now in my life. This is a difficult week for me because of concerns for my mother. As I was looking at some older posts, I found this one and realized something I had not thought of before so I wanted to re-post it with these added thoughts. )

I am the grandmother of a special needs grandson. I hate to even define him that way because while he may have “unique” needs, he’s such a special blessing to me that I don’t think of him that way at all. I consider myself blessed beyond all measure that he is in my life. He’s five now and just about the cutest little boy you’ll ever see. If you want to read about his birth and subsequent events, please click here. 


Can you tell I’m just a little biased?

He “face times” all the people he sees on his mom’s phone and we all love to get a call from “Lukey”. Even at six thirty in the morning!

I’m going through a very difficult time with my mother. I find myself in tears now and then as I watch her “disappear” a little more each day. Then sometimes there is a “spark” and I see the mother I once knew and I’m so grateful. But more often my heart is saying “good-bye”.

There’s something about grieving someone when they’re still leaving that is especially painful.

All you daughters who have been where I am now, know exactly what I mean.

I never dreamed that when my precious “Lukey” was born that I would learn so much from him. He has given me such insight into myself that I feel better equipped to deal with her.

It occurs to me that maybe being the daughter of a special needs mom, is not much different than being the grandmother of a special needs grandson.

So tonight I’m especially grateful I have this little guy in my life. He makes me brave. He makes me loving. He makes me patient, all skills I use with her every day.

You see God knows how much we can handle. If you had told me a year ago, I would be able to handle this I would have said, “Never, I’m not that strong.” But here I am and I’m surviving, even more than surviving some days.

Sometimes a wonderful story comes along that bears repeating. I’m sharing this again because it brought me joy and with all the “meanness” that is being spewed out these days, I hope it will show that most people are good and caring. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, God bless the person who left this lovely note and God bless you today.