political cartoon

Why the recent political uproar causes me angst

Hey everyone,

I don’t know what has happened. I missed a day of posting this week and the two weeks prior.

Nothing major going on. I was vacation the prior two weeks but thought I had all my bases covered. Thought I did this week, too.

Maybe it’s all this political “hu-la-ba-loo”.

political cartoon

I don’t know about you but I’m already tired of it all and it’s only just beginning. And you know how excited I get about election day.

This is the first time I’ve been less than excited. I’m usually so pumped about this every-four-year event.

I love the fact that I live in a country where I can vote. I love the freedom a democracy offers.

I hear from one side about how everybody should be given a fair shot. And I think about free education and all the information available on-line and that most families have access to all this;  I think about all the government programs available for those who need them. I ask myself, “Doesn’t all that constitute a fair shot?”

But then I ask myself, “Am I wrong?”

Christ certainly taught we are to take care of the poor and those who are unable to take care of themselves and I certainly believe that. But then Christ also teaches we are to work for what we want.

I want to say, “OK, God, which is it?”

But it’s both of course. As a nation we should always help those who can’t help themselves, those who really are in need through no fault of their own. For the rest, we need to make sure there is opportunity for everyone. For those who don’t make the most of that opportunity, perhaps they’ll need to figure out a way to provide for their needs.

These next few months are going to challenge our faith and our politics. This isn’t so bad. Maybe our faith and our politics need to be challenged.

We need to think through what we really feel about the issues and how they fit in to our faith. Or even if they do. We need to think of the issues as Jesus would address them, taking into account all the ways Jesus actually did address these things.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.